Yes I know iTV is due out early next year but I thought I’d get the jump on this by purchasing the Elgato EyeHome device.

I managed to get one with a wireless bridge for 80 GBP, probably due to Elgato dropping the EyeHome as soon as Apple announced iTV (theres been some talk on the forums that Apple and Elgato have partnered to produce the iTV)

Set up of the EyeHome was extremely simple and within 5 minutes I was streaming movies, itunes and iphoto from my iMac to my TV. It’s also fairly easy to set up streaming from my EyeTV DTT by getting VLC to do the streaming to a web browser

Some EyeHome drawbacks I’ve can see are:

• general UI weaknesses (e.g. sorting limitations, awkward menu navigation)
• no menu/navigation with DVD content (not really EyeHome’s problem)
• no H.264 or DRM support (hurray – I dont buy DRM’d media )
• can’t remotely control/program EyeTV
• clumsy content navigation (e.g. fast forward/rewind)
• no stop/resume memory

The combination of those last two items makes it frustrating to return to previous locations after stopping playback for any reason.

Hopefully iTV will support the iTunes equivalent of “remember playback position”. And being able to interact with EyeTV would be ideal, probably dependent on Apple/Elgato cooperation.

EyeHome has no trouble handling any supported media streamed over my not-fully-optimized 802.11g WLAN

I don’t want a multiple-purpose computer and digital media mass storage devices in the living room so EyeHome is serving me well enough even with its flaws, especially as I dont have an HD Television.
Right now it would be foolish to say for sure that iTV won’t be a worthwhile upgrade but I doubt I’ll be in any hurry.