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Where to go when you’re after cash to further your Web 2.0 application,               TechCrunch list the top 5 VC’s who actually understand what all this tagging, podcasting, sem web stuff is all about.

Now I just need a great idea to sell to them 😉


And I’m posting to my blog from it, first impressions are good

You can download it from here

Finally got round to replacing my Netgear 854GT which was giving me nothing but problems.

I’ve gotten hold of a Speedtouch 716WL

First impressions are pretty good and its easy to configure  

ADSL 2+ ready along with VOIP which doesn’t tie you to a particular carrier, I’ve set up a SIP proxy account with iptel which is free of charge, now I just need to buy myself a RJ11 cable arrgghhhh 

Looks like theres soon to be a new browser on the block built on top of Firefox

Flock Browser

More info and pictures can be found at TechCrunch

The latest offering from ray Kurzweil where he enlightens us with his vision for the future (its nearer than you think)

The Singularity is Near


Google just announced their new RSS Reader, called Google Reader. It’s browser-based (of course) and has similar look n’ feel to Gmail. Very Ajaxy. I’ll play with it some more and report back later. For now, here’s more info from SEW:

received this morning, thanks guys – almost as good as a chocolate factory 🙂